Solar Panel Power Generator Lighting Kit

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Features & Description:

Light function: Once the generator is fully charged, the high-end power with its own light source system can be used for 32 hours of continuous lighting, and the low-end power can be used for 64 hours of continuous lighting.
External use LED BULB. One bulb can light continuously for 40 hours, two bulbs can light continuously for 20 hours, and three bulbs can light continuously for 14 hours.

Why do I need this solar light kit?

Emergency: This solar panel lighting system can keep your ordinary electricity need in a hurricane, snowstorm weather.

Outdoor power: bulbs with stainless steel hook can be cute tent/camping/cabin lantern, it is also a flashlight, room bulb, outdoor light.

Without power supply: it can be used in the areas where there is no power supply, perfect outdoor lights for driveway, fence, vr, patio.

Plug and Play: Complete solar light kit, put the solar panel directly under the sun, plug the solar panel into the lithium-ion battery box,
Connect the LED light with the battery box, turn on the blue switch

Lightweight: Compact design, small size, convenient to carry for outdoor. Cute and easy to handle, can easily put it in your
Backpack or car, to take anywhere need power

Durability and practical: Use of LiFePO4 battery, Anti-dust design, DC output, safe and reliable

Widely used: This kit can be used at home, in outdoors or in a commercial area, in the field, when camping, in the ranching industry, on the farm, etc.
It can also be used as an emergency light.

Package Included:

1* (Solar Panel Power Generator Lighting Kit)